Improve the quality of your software by applying the best practices of software engineering and state of the art software testing methodologies and tools.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the continuous process of managing the entire lifecycle of a software product from its inception through its end-of-life.

It includes aspects related to project management and decision making as well as product development and operational activities necessary for the use of the product.

Building software efficiently is about having the right processes, the right tools and the best people for your business.

You don’t know where to start?
Ask for an independent ALM assessment and get an action plan to improve productivity of your team and quality of your products.

And we will work with you to get the actions actually implemented.
Being active software engineers, we love to go to the field, talk with people and blend in while they are working.

We focus on core software development activities making sure developers have everything they need to do an excellent job and their managers can acknowledge it.

These are some of the 200+ questions our assessment is based on.

  • Are you happy about how the multiple versions of your code are managed?
  • Is your code automatically verified against coding standards?
  • Peer code review is a daily activity?
  • Deploying your solution is a flawless single click operation?
  • Do you permanently know how many bugs are still active?
  • And what are the test cases you need to run before shipping the next release?
  • Is your test lab suitable for your needs?

How long does it take to do the ALM assessment?

For a team of 20 people, in less than a month we interview the key elements, we follow team activities on the field, we write the report and discuss it with you. The overall time depends not also on your team’s size but also on the diversity of processes, methodologies, tools and technologies you have in place.