Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success., Henry Ford

Our team brings together different skilled people with a common goal: help everyone build great software. We know you heard this before, which doesn’t make it less true.

Together since 2001, the founders started exploring the world of mobile computing industry in newly created start-up Mobicomp. We got the chance to work across all stages of a successful software company, from its inception to expansion and acquisition by Microsoft.

At Microsoft we created a full power Quality Assurance team to ensure the quality of several products targeted for millions of online users.

During the 10 years’ journey we have learned how both startups and big companies test their software.

We left Microsoft in 2011 to create MAINCHECK and help you build great software. This is what we do, this is what we love doing.

Next is a brief summary of Maincheck founder’s professional history.

Luís Desport
One day Luis woke up and wondered why software keeps failing when there are so many ways to prevent that. Leveraging his large experience as director of IT departments and software development teams as well as his vision to make testing a part of everyone software project, he started a quest to bring together the best team for the job. The good thing, they were already working with him.
As the CEO he makes sure the wheels keep turning and everyone can focus on what really matters - help you bring great software to life.
As a member of the PSTQB board of directors he seeks to continually improve and advance the software testing profession. PSTQB is the Portuguese board for ISTQB Software Tester Certification.

Alberto Campinho
Head of Professional Services
Rumor has it Alberto learned to dance before he could walk. A Latin dancer by night and a natural leader by day, he brings a combined taste for technology, management and teaching to every project. And a predisposition to avoid doing the same thing twice made him our testing automation guru.
He left his work at Microsoft to manage our professional services team. With several years of leading and managing technical teams Alberto has a natural ability to coordinate multiple projects while keeping energy levels and motivation high. And if there is joke that fits a particular moment, he probably knows it.

João Ribeiro
Principal QA Architect
There is only one thing João loves more than breaking software apart, and that’s good food. With infinite attention for detail and a knack for finding the smallest breach in software he ensures our clients are building bullet proof products. He believes security is not about hiding problems; is about finding them early, looking for them often and fixing those that matter.
And that’s not all, when not playing a round of Quake or Enemy Territory he can be found researching how to improve databases’ and web applications performance, earning him the “database baby pacifier” achievement multiple times.

Luís Carvalho
Head of R&D
"We need to focus and work on all fronts" might seem puzzling to us but not to Luís. There are some people capable of performing two or more tasks simultaneously. Others like to focus on important tasks and don’t rest until they get them done. Luís belongs to a strange category of human beings capable of both. Listening to a webinar about entrepreneurship while coding, does not prevent him from answering your questions and quickly resume the "suspended" tasks as if he has never left them.
These characteristics have allowed him to master a multitude of different technologies and the ability to play different roles across his career path. An eager learner takes all opportunities to stretch his knowledge and for him "a good day is when I learn something new and interesting".
As a natural entrepreneur Luís has strong beliefs and fights for them. Software quality for a better world is one of his beliefs. As Head of R&D at Maincheck he works for it every single day (well, except maybe when a new installment of Mass Effect is released…)